Safety Apron

Best Selling Safety Apron

Material: Medium weight 100% biodegradable natural bleached cotton drill/twill canvas, 200 gsm, 6 oz./yard².

The straps on this apron are slightly wider than our other styles. The folks who designed this felt wider neck straps would add to comfort. The neck straps have an adjustable buckle. This buckle is available in plastic and metal.

Pockets: The original design does not have pockets. But we can add one (or more) based on the utility. Just give us the sizes, and where you’d want the pockets, and we’ll make them that way.

Straps:  Usually such straps are about 35 inches long to ensure the person wearing this apron can comfortably tie the straps behind. But you can tell us how long you want them.

Label: Add Custom Label.

We do : Any design & any material.